Incredibly Successful Infographic Release – For the “Wolf Of Wall Street” Campaign – Created by Graphic Designer Tom Muller for Universal Pictures International

The Wolf Of Wall Street — Run With The Wolf from helloMuller on Vimeo.

This incredible new infographic is spreading wildly across the Film Industry and Graphic Designer Communities since it’s release as the centrepiece of the Run with the Wolf Campaign on the 17th January 2014. Graphic Designer Tom Muller created this incredible infographic for Universal Pictures International to visually chart the recent release movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. It is becoming rapidly successful for ‘capturing the essence of Scorsese’s latest flick’ .(

The typography and halftone imagery are as striking as they are creative and that is one of the many features that makes this info graphic visually and creatively unique in it’s design. The use of selective colour and shapes make further visual impact to illustrate the storytelling narrative that accompanies the infographic. The  elements are carefully composed and staged to visually narrate and also to draw the eye of the viewer so that they follow the story easily, almost without intent. It entertains, illustrates and tells the story in a powerful way. The viewer absorbs the information represented almost unintentionally in their eagerness to see what comes next, and are left excited about the story itself. Far more compelling than a trailer, the innovative, unique and inspiring infographic by Tom Muller exceeds all expectations.

Screenshot of the Infographic
Tom Muller’s Infographic created for Universal Pictures International movie ‘The Wolves of Wall Street’

As The Wolf Of Wall Street is released across Europe and to help Universal Pictures International spread the word, Tom Muller once again teamed up with regular collaborators Glass Eye, and together created the Run With The Wolf campaign. The centrepiece of the campaign is the Run With The Wolf infographic — which you can see here in full: (2014, T., Muller. [Online:

They also created a series of stand-alone animated GIFs, each one focussing on some of the more outrageous “accomplishments” of Jordan Belfort. Of course, they did all this in three languages: firstly for the UK market(, followed by Germany ( and Spain ( (2014, T., Muller. [Online:

Screenshot of the Infographic
Tom Muller’s Infographic created for Universal Pictures International movie ‘The Wolves of Wall Street’

To top it all off (because they don’t really do things in half measures) Glass Eye also produced animated versions, both an animated GIF ( and this video created in conjunction with Benny Crime.
(2014, T., Muller. online from Vimeo Account ( )(2014, T., Muller. [Online:

For Graphic Designers or enthusiasts, I highly recommend opening a account to explore infographics further. It is an area which is expected grow rapidly in the near future and increase business for designers so with regards to infographics …..  watch that space!


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